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Over the last few months, we made a few expeditions outside of our usual destinations in the South China Sea.  The trips to Northern Sulawesi, Andaman Sea and Sipadan Island were very well participated with divers flying in from all over the world to join us.  This comes as no surprise as these destinations are part of our region where divesites are among the world's finest.  The timing for the trips could not have been better.  Throughout the duration of all the expeditions, the weather was calm and seas were clear.

To those who were lucky enough to have been able to join us; we are glad to have provided you with some of the best and we have thoroughly enjoyed your company.

To those who had missed out, check with us, we will be doing it all again.

Below are underwater images taken on the trips.  Some are truly outstanding.  Enjoy.

Click on the images to enlarge. While you are enjoying the images, please be aware that they are copyrighted to the respective photographers and the owner of this website.

Jerry Yip

Richard Bray

Austin Teng                   

Kevin Koh



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Last modified: 03/30/03