Dream Voyager Liveaboards





The crew were excellent with gear, food & friendliness - Esther Lee Zuline, Malaysia

... best for comfort and value for money ...  - SCUBA DIVER MAGAZINE Australasia

Hassle free diving ... eat, sleep, dive, eat, sleep, dive ... - THE STAR, Malaysia

Honest hospitality and great food. Where most other liveaboards provide diving excursions, Dream Voyager delivers a diving holiday - Austin Teng, Malaysia

... safety and diving operation are world class ... - SCUBA DIVER MAGAZINE Australasia

It was a fantastic trip with delicious Chinese food. Saw new nudibranchs and plant species. I wish to come again - Ettie Luk, Hongkong

Boat's well equipped, crew competent and friendly, food provide hours of eating enjoyment and air-cond cabins provide a comfortable reprieve at the end of a long day's diving. Highly recommended - Daniel McCarthy, Omaha, USA

Good food. So comfortable. So easy.  A little more than 10 seconds from comfortable air-cond room to the bottom of the sea - Jussi Venalainen, Finland

Indulgence. Food, bed, service and of course the diving!!!  Absolute pampering. I'm totally spoilt now - Vina Ong, Malaysia

Not a huge boat but good enough for diving and touring. I still miss the dishes prepared by the chef - Aaron Loh, Hongkong

So fantastic!!! Everything so good - Olli Sipila, Finland

Always superb food, good diving and great company - Andrew Bayly, Nelson, New Zealand

Its so comfortable that I sleep more than I dive  - Shirley Liew, Malaysia

Friendly hosts, professional, familiar with dive sites and the cook cooked with his heart.  I had a pleasant and enjoyable holiday - Doris Cheng, Hongkong

m.v Dream Voyager - The only other place I'd rather be is in the air ... - Capt. Rajeesh Gill, Malaysia Airlines, Malaysia  

Good food, friendly staff, comfortable beds ... hey, need I say more.  I have been on board this boat at least 5 times and still planning for more!!! - Susan Wang, Singapore   

Its a rare pleasure to find people whose abundant knowledge and experience means that all we have to do is relax and enjoy the diving - Alwyn Davies, Manchester, England

... very practical boat, great food ... - Cassandra Dragon, Singapore  

I have been diving all over the world. Then I discovered Asia and the crew of Dream Voyager and now I am spoiled forever.  Excellent safety and customer care are the order of the day - Edward V. Miller, Scottsdale, USA

Total relaxation, stress free, splendid food and crew with a genuine love for, and abundant knowledge of, the marine environment - Richard Bray, Leeds, England  

I have dove many waters around the world and always look forward to my adventures on the Dream Voyager.  Management and crew give the best diving in Peninsular Malaysia. Looking foreword to my next trip!!! - Vern Shaver, Toronto, Canada

This is the best way to experience diving, unchained to any resort with the divesite right under the keel! Dream Voyager and it's crew provides a perfect platform for diving, the Malaysian waters does the rest. I have been out a few times on Dream Voyager and the total experience is very positive, simply the best diving you can get - Micael Martell, Kungsbacka, Sweden

The trip was great, the boat not luxury but it's good for the dive trip. It's great value, of course, that you are the dive master leading the tour. It's very enjoyable trip with an economical price tag - Carlors Lai, Hongkong

Everything was excellent! The food was superb! The crew was very helpful! The diving was the best I have seen. - Christopher Harvey, Kaneohe, Hawaii, USA

An overall very enjoyable dive trip. Divers are well looked after in their every particular needs. Compliments to the chef - Hubert Desgranges, Regneville S/Mer, France

The accommodations, the diving, the clientele, simply surpass any expectations.  "A"- Class operation and definitely, in my book, the best in Southeast Asia!!!   Air, Nitrox and Tech diving all with safety and fun as the ultimate goal.  Let's DIVE! - Perri & Gary Podenak, New York, USA

From an American family: What great times we've had year after year on your boat.  We'll keep coming back, all five of us.  See you again soon - Perri & Gary Podenak, New York, USA

This team does not compromise on safety.  From there how can one not have a good time. - Tunku Kamil Ikram (Mel), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Wow!!! What a great trip!!! Crew was very helpful. Thank you. I will be back soon! - John & Maria Dickinson, USA

Expectations were met! Accommodations were comfortable and convenient. Crew were friendly, fun and extremely helpful and the dive sites were beautiful. Food was good but "fattening", nevertheless it was a holiday. I would recommend to my friends - Rosemary Yvonne Fong, Canada

Before boarding, I had butterflies wondering about the crew, food, cleanliness, etc. To my amazement, everything was great! I had a wonderful time. - Carolyn Loh, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The trip was great. Diving was beautiful. Accommodation was a thumbs-up despite the wet carpet. The food was very good. Crew was good, helpful and kind. - Andrew Stirling Foyston, USA

The crew was professional and helpful and always there when needed. Food was good. - Jonathan Lee, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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