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MALAYSIA is situated in the heart of South East Asia. A tropical land, she is a treasure trove of exotic ecosystems, diverse cultures and friendly people. Unending stretches of lonely palm lined beaches form the perimeter of a country blessed with a lush green interior where the aged rainforest has stood undisturbed for millions of years. Few regions on earth are greener.

The diverse cultures yield a delightful potpourri of ethnic traditions, colorful festivals and gastronomic delights common and distinctive only to Malaysia.

Huddled in a valley framed by tropical montane forests is her capital city Kuala Lumpur, affectionately called KL.  Beneath KL's modern skyline peaked by the Petronas Twin Towers, the World's Tallest Twin Towers, nests the bustling metropolis where a little known shopper's paradise is located. Here, a year round carnival flourishes. Domestic and international buyers throng the numerous ultra modern shopping malls, emporiums and boutiques that scatter the city, as well as the unique night markets, picking up the wide ranges of celebrated brands of goods at bargained prices and favorable exchange rates.

Malaysia encompasses most of that which is fascinating about the exotic East.  She possesses a delightful blend of the best of East with some of the finest social and administrative traditions of the West, totally mixed, immersed and integrated into the local psyche and culture.

First time visitors are always impressed by the infrastructural excellence that exists, beginning with the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, one of the most modern, sophisticated and beautiful air terminals in the world, to probably the finest network of rails, roads and highways that is found anywhere.

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